Classic Collision Atlanta Video Part 1


ATTENTION…I HAVE RELEASED PROOF THAT MANFRED KAMMERER IS TRYING TO INTIMIDATE ME AND TRYING TO SHUT ME DOWN. THERE IS PROOF IN POSTS #65 & #68(They are the 4th & 5th posts on my site) THAT HE IS GUILTY OF EVERYTHING. If he were innocent, he would have taken me to court and sued me for slander. I began outing Manfred on 5/9/11. GOOGLE MY NAME AND TELL ME HOW I AM SUPPOSED TO BECOME EMPLOYED..EVER AGAIN..FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! He is trying to shut me up! If he is such a respectable individual, why is he not taking appropriate measures? I put this information on the Internet because I am in fear for my life. Manfred has done all of this to me because he is dangerous!

As of 4/21/13..there have been nearly 20..of the most sexist, racist videos that I have ever seen..posted on YouTube, about me.Manfred Kammerer has now teamed up with the man I had a consensual affair with…and his son, who employs said man…Keep reading the posts on page one. You will see everything that I am accusing them of!

I am now holding his wife responsible too. She knows that he has been having affairs, the entire time that they have been married. If this was a consensual affair, why would she have witnessed me picketing in front of Classic Collision of Buckhead in 2012? Mrs. Kammerer and all of the family members that receive a paycheck..from Classic Collision will be held responsible, when Manfred Kammerer has me murdered. I was told that the family saw me picketing. The owner of the company was being accused of being a sexual predator and they turned a blind eye. I didn’t know that what Manfred did to me was against the law, in the workplace..his family cannot use ignorance of the law, as an excuse either….especially when they have attorneys to answer all of their questions. What kind of people sit back and do nothing?…while the others torment me..and will eventually have me murdered!


Manfred Kammerer should not be having sexual relationships with his employees. I said no, at least 12 times. Did he listen? Had Mr. Kammerer conducted himself as employers should, you would not be reading this message. Do not employers have a responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is upstanding? Maybe arrogance allows particular people to believe that they are respected because of their position…when in reality, people appear to respect them out of fear of losing their jobs. I was  in fear of losing my job and was coerced into having sexual relations with my employer. When I confronted Mr. Kammerer with an indiscretion of mine on the job, he should have instructed my manager to reprimand me or fire me. Instead, I was raped and repeatedly abused for four years.


You may not understand how this took place or even believe me for that matter. I wouldn’t want you to. It is the year 2012 and women are still confronting abuse as much as they ever were. Ask yourself what you would do, in your current place of employment, if your employer would not leave you alone? I received no sexual harassment training before my employment at Classic Collision began. None of the members of management informed me of my rights, as everyone at Classic Collision of Chamblee, GA knew what was taking place.


There are billboards all over the country that inform us of the events to come…text and drive, drink and drive, use illegal drugs and face the consequences. WHERE ARE THE BILLBOARDS REGARDING SEXUAL PREDATORS IN THE WORKPLACE?


The fog cleared and I began to see what Mr. Kammerer had done to me. Remember, people like Sandusky and Madolf did not warn their victims. Manfred Kammerer did not announce what he was about to do to me.  NO ONE HELPED ME BUT, I FEEL THAT IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY TO INFORM FUTURE VICTIMS.