Classic Collision Atlanta #1139

Posted on 02. Jun, 2013 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I wanted to tell you…

I’m sorry for the way things have turned out…

Not everyone is ready…

That doesn’t mean the we shouldn’t continue to try…

Everything and everyone in our lives..

happens for a reason….

It is what we do with the experiences that counts!

Don’t ever give up!

I’m sorry if I was harsh on you…..

I’m learning too!

God placed me on Earth to kick the —es of those….

who are ready to step up to the plate….

and keep swinging until they hit a home run!

I have had to see a lot of things in you….

that I was unable to see in myself!

That only makes me want to push myself harder!

I had my last breakthrough the other day!

I am now on my way!

I pray that one day you are able to break free…

from your chains…

and that I may have as close of a relationship…

with our Father in Heaven…

as you do!

You deserve all of the happiness in the world…

I will always be here for you….

but, you have to accept that your behavior….

can be just as trying as mine!

You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met….

I’m glad we met…

Whatever you choose to do is up to you!

You can choose future happiness with friends who  love you….

or past relationships that bleed you dry….

The choice is yours!

Here’s to you and making better decisions in life!

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