Classic Collision Atlanta #1372

Posted on 11. Oct, 2012 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I lost another day to sleep, again, yesterday…..

I was so exhausted….

that I didn’t trust myself to drive to the dentist’s office….

Keep notes. That’s all you can do!

Don’t tell me I have to follow the rules…

when they apply to your convenience….

and its all about image….

I’m gonna have to take care of what I can do when I can….

I can live according to everyone elses rules….

when everyone’s rules are different?!&%@

Now, I’m going to do me!

They can just deal with it!

The law is on my side…

The same —- I dealt with in this situation!

That’s just the way it is….

as I’ve been told!!!!!!

The hardest thing in life is…..

when your own words turn on you!

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