Classic Collision Atlanta #436

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I love it when males treat females as if they are the emotional and delusional ones.

I had a pastor tell me to suck it up the other day. What he meant was…Accepting that I have done wrong, me forgiving myself and moving on. He was right, two days ago…I began to think that I deserved all of this stuff. After all, women are here to be abused and we should just shut up and take it, right!!!! WRONG!

Why do males tell women to get over things when they can‘t? I’m not attacking this MAN. I am attacking the average male. He helped me realize that I have become so accustomed to

80% of males being indecent, 18% of males being good….except when in Vegas…and there being that 2% that behaves….and actually IS God fearing.

Why cant they suck up what happens to them…especially when they are the cause of what is happening? Men control the world, right! Instead, they store it up for someone else. Yes, women deal with things now. Males call us crazy und delusional and turn everything around on us. Males act like everything is COOL…while they ignore the disasters that they have created…and store what others have done to them…using it as ammunition, God only knows when and where!

Its really awesome being able to speak to a Pastor, who has traveled in the same circles as you have, in the past. Its very different. Everyone has different levels Hell that they have visited…and different levels of Hell have visited them…and if we are not careful…it will set up shop.

There’s no point in arguing over things with people who don’t understand! Its awesome to be thrown curve balls…even to be hit in the head, once in a while….by someone who doesn’t question how low someone will sink, to save his own ass! On the other hand…he can also fathom what it is like to be rescued from the pit of Hell by God…and whatever comes next…is whatever comes next! When God rescues your ass you do whatever he tells you to do, whenever he tells you to do it!

One of your bullies made fun of things that I had posted, in the past. Things that never would

have been mentioned…had you not raped me! Men hate me when I’m right…and just when you didn’t think that you could hate me anymore!!!!! Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen, Manfred Kammerer! It works…..and it works very well!

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