Classic Collision Atlanta #442

Posted on 19. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I spent yesterday with a friend. Before I knew it, our conversation became so toxic…that it consumed our afternoon…and it caused havoc between others. Or, did it? I used to be there. Now, I’m not there, anymore. Man, In grateful for that. But, those who have been so far removed…cannot relate to that anymore. I don’t wish to be there. There is a bridge, that allowed me to get from where I was, to where I am. That bridge connected the gap. This morning, I had a revelation. I was meant to help this person realize what they are doing. What they are doing is causing a lot of problems. Its so easy to get wrapped up in everyone else’s business and complain about how it isn’t fair to you…especially when those around you don’t always behave as they are supposed to…especially when those around you are in positions of authority….especially when the people that are in positions of authority are misusing their positions.

I realized something. People are people, wherever you go. What is the common goal or purpose? Well, I do know this…the person in authority is a person of God. That is what is important. Sometimes, we are given tests. I thank God that my current test, isn’t under the hand of Satan. We all know how those situations work out. That’s how we got here.

I could tell this person that they are being negative, that they complain too much and that they need to get over it ….or, I could point out all of this person’s positive qualities, help them to understand that they are in a position that many people would love to be in, help them to understand that their current situation will destroy them if they allow it to, remind

them that the person in control is not EVIL and that they have to turn their situation around.

I wasn’t put here to tell people to “Get Over It.” I was put here to move into whatever position he has intended…and to help others get out of the situations that I have survived….through comedic display and verbiage.

Do not mistake any of what I am saying. Sometimes, it is easy to believe that others are not who they are…or that they are bad, when they are good. Good ole’ Satan. If people are  flat out EVIL and abusive to those around them, — em’ and let em eat oatmeal. But, if people are good….and they allowing themselves being humans, to get in the way…REMEMBER, you’re Human too!

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