Classic Collision Atlanta #448

Posted on 13. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Imagine….you’re about to turn 42. Next, imagine that you have crippling back pain…because you have been raped. Imagine having back pain so bad…that you can barely stand, by 11a.m., in the morning. Imagine being asleep by 2:23p.m., the following day…..3p.m., the following…and 4.p.m., the following.

Imagine, the week after that….you are asleep by 3p.m, one afternoon…. 4p.m., the following afternoon,…and 5p.m., the evening after that!

Imagine just having turned 42 and having receive….some of the greatest news that you could ever imagine…in your current circumstance…which will change a part of your life, ten fold…yet, the pain is still getting worse….day by day!

Why wont it go away? Why are certain things getting so much better and some things are getting worse.

This is not living. Looking over your shoulder isn’t normal. If anything…I need to be more concerned than ever. Wouldn’t you say so!!!!

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep…I kept envisioning the someone was going to come up…from behind me…and lodge a knife in my chest. Laugh while you can Manfred. Laugh all you can. Pretty soon, my tears will be shed from your tear ducts. Pretty soon, my back pain will hinder your physical activity. Pretty soon, all of my fears will NOT only have your looking over your shoulders but, you very well may spend a great deal of your time walking backwards….for fear of your past coming back to haunt you! Soon, all of this well be your

problem. I will simply rest.

There will be no moving g forward…in certain areas of my life. You have permanently destroyed things inside of me…that I will never get back! That is over, thanks to you. But, hopefully, I will be able to prevent this from happening to others!

All of the people…that you think  you supersede in looks, personality, intelligence and wealth…all knew that there is something wrong with me…EVERYONE BUT YOU! We will see how “The Man”…with the finest Boarding School Education, that money can buy…somehow didn’t know what he was doing! That’s just it…you are too fucking arrogant to act anything other than superior! Keep telling yourself that I wanted and couldn’t resist you!

You and you family will suffer, 10 times over, for what you have done to me. That’s not my problem. You raped me and you threatened me. You don’t care about them. You only care about money and how things LOOK. Well, I don’t care about things look. All I care about is going public! How’s that going to look for you and those who helped you? Do you realize that all of your children and grandchildren will be publicly humiliated. I don’t give a fuck!

You threatened life. I’m going to make sure that the world knows about it….so that you don’t ever mentally, physically or financially harm anyone again! You aren’t GOD. You don’t have the right to take lives.

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