Classic Collision Atlanta #458

Posted on 04. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Imagine….everyone around you…knowing what is going on…and no one bothers to help.

I was having a conversation with someone the other day. They were telling me that a woman was being raped…here in Atlanta…outdoors, in broad daylight. People stood around and watched. I would assume no one knew what to do, right!!!!!! No one knew what to do other than watch. Finally, someone who was driving by…drove up onto the sidewalk and onto the premises…where the rape was occurring and began to honk their horn profusely….until the rapist stopped.

I have gotten myself into so much hot water, in life, informing others and helping others…when they were being wronged or abused. Days have passed…months have passed…years have passed, since I have looked back on my behavior….

It’s a choice between right and wrong. Its not a matter of whether a manager should tell his employee that the owner should be reported, to save his own hide. What happened was wrong and it should not have been handled that way.

Look at what happens when we put our feelings into it. It all gets screwed up.

Think about it. A five minute conversation could have prevented all of this.

I cant imagine what my life would be like now. I never would have found my new purpose. I never would have become who I am today. And to think….I’m nowhere near the end.

Unfortunately, now all I can do, is try to accept that my future has been taken from me. There are things that I can never do again. Its not like this was an accident. This is the result of a male who cant keep his dick in his pants. The result of the harm that was brought on by one person….who was only interested in what he could get out of me….physically, sexually and emotionally. That cost me any type of normal future that I could possibly have.

Watch out for people who are worthless. They figure that everyone else is worthless, too! Therefore, what ever you lose…its worthless to them! They will bleed you dry.

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