Classic Collision Atlanta #460

Posted on 02. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I think my old boss will lie in court. If no one stood up for me, outside of the courtroom…why would they tell  the truth…with Manfred Kammerer sitting in front of them….in a court of law? Would it be that now…everyone would be watching and swearing on a Bible would be introduced?

You have a person that will be at the end of their career…nearing retirement. Why tell the truth, in court, when it will more than likely cost that person…and their family, its future…not just their job!

I have seen lately…that, even the most upstanding individual, will lie…when it comes to protecting themselves and their families. Lets face it…RAPE, RACISM, BULLYING…they’re all pretty big items…and they are terrible. But, they can’t compete with a person wanting to save their owns ass! This didn’t happen to them. They don’t get it. It turns into every man for himself.

You may not like what I am stating. After all, its easier to look at me and think that my words and behavior are crazy. Take a look at your own behavior…especially your thoughts! Are you really in a position to judge? And who asked you anyway!

Its what we are doing when no one else is around.

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