Classic Collision Atlanta #462

Posted on 31. Mar, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Use the legal system! Ha! Someone replied to me…in regard to one of my posts! Ha! Ha! I didn’t realize that many people couldn’t read. Hopefully they just have a bad case of ADD, like I do, as their excuse….for acting like a jerk! That’s O.K., shortly thereafter….Manfred Kammerer’s bullies were busted, having defamed their employer!

We’ll see how that advice works out for them…seeing as they probably care now! They didn’t give two bits when I was raped and abused for four years…threatened….then, bullied all over the Internet. Remember, I didn’t get nasty until they did! Sad really! They should care now! If I’d read that stuff about that man on the Internet, I wouldn’t have taken my vehicle to his facility to be repaired.

Yep, screw everyone else that it happens to….God forbid it happens to you. But, when it does…and it will…I will be saving my sympathy for myself!

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