Classic Collision Atlanta #474

Posted on 19. Mar, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Everyone learns differently. I wish that people would understand that. If you pay attention to a person, that’s easy to figure out. If all you care about….is what you want…you’re not being fair to the person in front of you. If you’re only paying attention to heighten the screw…you’ll be dealt with.

If God told everyone that they had to eat spinach…in order to survive, for an ETERNITY…they’d want to figure out a way to like it, and quick! Well, many would only care….the moment they arrived at the “Check Out” counter.  Rich/Poor…Black/White…what does it really matter? As long as we all get there. I figure we should pay attention to each individual…and see what it would take to get them to like spinach. Imagine that butter, salt, cheese or macaroni…could keep a person from Heaven!

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