Classic Collision Atlanta #477

Posted on 16. Mar, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I am sick and tired of hearing about criminals being glorified. What about the victims? Sandusky, Madolf…now, Ohio.

And they’re going on and on about forgiving the bad guys. Do you think that they’re apologizing because they’re sorry…or because they’re worried about losing having their cake and eating it too?

I understand that God knows what is in their hearts…..But, people…look at the freaking victims!

Imagine losing your fortune to Madolf…

Fathom being a victim of Sandusky…

Stomach being held prisoner by Castro…..

Funny, look at where they all are now!

All along…there were people, behind the scenes…who knew exactly what they were doing…and didn’t turn them in! Oh, I know exactly why!

In the end…and there is always an end…its NEVER pretty! And the punishment they receive, is NEVER enough!

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