Classic Collision Atlanta #483

Posted on 10. Mar, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Ted Danson, in Damages, plays one of the biggest slime balls you could imagine. He single handedly screwed over 5,000 of his employees out pf their retirement.

At no point in time does he accept any responsibility. In fact, he does some things that make Manfred look like a choir boy. I don’t think that Manfred has killed anyone, yet! Would you like to know what he told his son, when he was on the midst of being destroyed…. “I trusted too many people.”

Isn’t that special…the people that go around raping, stealing and destroying lives…actually believe that the world is out to get them. They’re doing the DAMAGE…and when it comes back to HAUNT them, IN TEN FOLD…they are in total disbelief. They can’t comprehend how anyone could stand up to them for what they have done wrong. They actually DELUDE themselves into believing that THEY ARE THE VICTIMS.

Don’t WORRY, Manfred….you couldn’t afford to pee in these peoples’ swimming pools. I don’t compare them to you, too much. They might confuse you as a server, at a formal function…not that you’d ever have the opportunity. I know, you don’t associate with people who have  more than you do because, you cant stand people like that. You can only hate them but, you cant look down you nose on them too!

TV show, it may be. But, people like this exist in real life. Just as sure as Manfred Kammerer is a Rapist.

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