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I’m beginning to understand why people don’t want to go to therapy. I have had some of the most horrific experiences, this year…that I could have ever imagined!

Not everyone is good at what they do. But, imagine going to a doctor that plays “Lets spin the pharmaceutical wheel” and cant grasp anything outside of a script on their computer.

I see why people self medicate and self destruct. I’m glad that I don’t, anymore. It almost killed me. But, I totally understand why they do! That’s sad. These doctors are playing God with their subjects and no matter what they do wrong…its on your permanent medical records.

I’m not talking about people who are committing serious crimes, I can’t comment on that. I’m talking about changing your life and trying to break away from damage that has nearly killed you! What do you do, when you end up with a doctor who lives in a bubble…and hasn’t experienced anything outside of their white picket fence?

Be careful. I think that you could compare medical professional to Chefs! If every bit of time is used paying attention to notes/recipes….how much time is really being spent on the subject at hand?

Do understand, also…that these people…no matter how untouchable they seem….have bosses too! Just like this situation…..nothing gets done, unless you file a complaint! If more people turned in the wrong doers…I promise you…the people who are responsible for punishing these wrong doers would be taking a lot of heat…from the public…if they didn’t prosecute, press charges and fire these people!

No one knows unless you complain./.and telling your neighbor, coworker or buddy…isn’t the solution. We are where we are because we are allowing the Manfreds of the world to get away with murder!

Think about it. Lets say that you were molested…and you don’t complain? Do you honestly think that you will be the only one…especially if they get away with it?

Trust me, if its in writing, somewhere…somewhere down the line…that trail will catch up with them!

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