Classic Collision Atlanta #512

Posted on 12. Feb, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Cease and Desist to be served proceeding a court hearing. So, that was a bluff. You idiot! I keep thinking of the events to come…ad realizing how foolish you will look…filing a case against me, years later….when you’ve had the resources to do so all along. You served me with scare tactic papers in May 2011.…yet, you wont sue me until next Summer. How long will they point their fingers at me?

I have proof that I have tried for years and no one would help me…that is, after I figured out what you were doing…in the time being, others knew…..they sat back and did nothing….and they were all on your watch! So, I have proof, that with every fiber of my being…that I tried and tried to get someone to help me…NOTHING!

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