Classic Collision Atlanta #520

Posted on 04. Feb, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Now, I’m afraid to go to church, alone. That’s just —-ed up!

When I was younger, I experienced something similar to this……meaning, I felt safer if I didn’t expose myself to others…and that’s they only way I could avoid being hurt! However, no matter how bad things were….there were many times when I was able to get myself out of the house and go to church. I was traumatized. Therefore, when it was time for me to face the music…I became paralyzed with fear and couldn’t leave the house. I came to the conclusion that…..IF I DIDN’T GO ANYWHERE, I COULDN’T GET HURT.  Going to the store, working out at the gym and running errands….piece of cake. I didn’t have to stay in one particular area, and there wasn‘t a possibility of forming any long leasting bonds with any of the people that I met.

I get it now…don’t have a life…don’t have any close relationships and don’t stay anywhere for too long. People like Manfred Kammerer don’t behave anything and they despise people

who do. So, they get off on making others as miserable as they are!

Wow, that’s how I landed in the hands of a Sexual Predator.

Yep, slowly but, surely…I built several things back up…was never able to sustain them because I was so screwed up in the head, over this…and now….Damn near back to total isolation.

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