Classic Collision Atlanta #530

Posted on 25. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Isn’t it funny that I sat and mentioned said facts to this person. The things that were causing severe havoc and deterioration. They rewritten all over my face.

So, run little boy. Hide, and wait for that particular moment. You know, the one you think will be right and no one will suspect you.

EVERYONE I KNOW SUSPECTS YOU, ALREADY….and there are plenty that I don’t know, that will have NO doubts….come judgment day. You could wait ten years. You should have just made your move when you were raping me. People would have looked at my phone records and thought it was an “affair“ that ended badly . But, I escaped your claws and figured you out, for all the world to see.

This will be much like a Christmas tree. All of the people you have abused…will build it. Your biggest scores will be represented by the branches. Your slights will be the needles. The star, on the top of the tree will be me…Not because I’m a star….Because I will be on top and I will represent everyone you have destroyed. My light will shine as bright as the northern star. No one in my path shall miss me.

You will have your 15 minutes of fame and they will be the most degrading, humiliating 15 minutes of your life!

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