Classic Collision Atlanta #532

Posted on 23. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


When is it ever going to end? I keep telling others that I have other things to do. That doesn’t seem to matter. Now, its all a waiting game. Am I just feeling bitter and dissatisfied…as, many people live their entire lives this way?

Most people spend a lifetime taking care of others, without ever having the satisfaction of fulfilling their own dreams. That is a luxury. Others who have the luxury of a career and home life that are fulfilling.

It is difficult. As an artist, I was able to Love, Love, Love…what occupied my time…all of the time. Patience can be very difficult! I just have to keep remembering…God hasn’t shown me my mission yet. He’s simply prepping me!

THE THINGS THAT IRRITATE ME THE MOST….I HAVE TO REMEMBER NOT TO DISPLAY THAT BEHAVIOR…WHEN HE DOES. In school, we all had subjects we hated. Those were the most valuable ones. We just didn’t realize this, back then!!!!!

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