Classic Collision Atlanta #551

Posted on 04. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So, you’re a billionaire and you’re calling her an opportunist. THE ONLY REASON YOU ARENT IN PRISON IS BECAUSE OF THE OPPORTUNITUIES THAT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT HAS AFFORDED YOU….LIKE PAYING PEOPLE OFF. Yet, your father came from nothing. In fact, he is the kind of person you now look down on.

So, at first, you call her an opportunist and ask her what her game is…only to try to beat her at her game…find out what her price is….so that you could play with her.

Then after you escape prison, yet again…you offer her the golden key and ask her to throw the mother of your children, under the bus or in front of…whichever you prefer…to suit you.

I guess when you are wearing $5+k suits and driving $500k+ cars, it takes longer to see the criminal.

Hypocrite is a very strong word. Wrong is a very strong word. Respect is a very strong word.. Time has passed. Nothing has changed. They are all words that can cost you everything that you own.

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