Classic Collision Atlanta #552

Posted on 04. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


When certain things become regular, others get worse. Stomach issues, nightmares, erratic sleeping patterns, more intense back pain, anger, inability to cry…

So, is anything getting better? Ore, is my body simply trading symptoms?

One thing is clear….when you aren’t crying so hard….and you can actually see the road before you…you have to cross that bridge, as quickly as possible….and get where you are meant to go. Otherwise, you may be stuck in your same situation, in another God forsaken place…the place in which he has not meant for you to land. We have to listen when he talks. I’m not saying that he will kick you to the curb, if you don’t…

Do your best, or you’ll be circling that mountain….until the day you die!

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