Classic Collision Atlanta #553

Posted on 03. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Did you ever see young people wearing things and thought to yourself…That’s asking for trouble! Why does a female’s apparel….give a male…a right to sexually harass her? They perpetuate the styles…abuse the women….then say that they asked for it, when all is said and done. If A MAN WOULDN’T MARRY A WOMAN THAT DRESSES LIKE A WHORE..HE SHOULDN’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH HER….MUCH LESS, SEXUALLY HARRASS HER, USE HER….TURN AROUND AND CALL HER A WHORE..THEN MARRY SOMEONE ELSE WHO APPEARS TO BE RESPECTABLE….ALL THE WHILE…STILL CHASING “WHORES BEHIND HIS WIFE’S BACK!”

Is there any wonder why seclusion is the only world, where I feel safe…anymore. If I want to play a game, I know where to find one! …at my local retailer!

I say this because, Manfred encourages his employees to dress sexy…that way he can turn around and say that they asked for it. You wanna know what….unless they ask for it, leave them alone. In fact, why don’t you just leave them alone….especially the pretty young one you have your sights on now. Its against the law! One day, you’re gonna pick on someone who knows that or, someone will help this person…due to what I did…no one wants to see a rerun of that…then, you’ll have to answer to your wife.

One can only hope! You will get busted and you will go down. Nothing lasts forever! All of your victims will come crawling out of the woodwork…the one that don’t mind being destroyed, like I have been…I have no fear, others will come forward…once they see that they weren’t the only ones…especially if their lives have gotten as bad as mine has…

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