Classic Collision Atlanta #554

Posted on 02. Jan, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It appears as if I’m losing momentum. Choose to believe…whatever you wish to believe. I’m preparing for my fish fry. Manfred, you will be the first fish, on my list. Others that have decided to participate…along the way….they will right in there with you…even though they don’t realize that you wont acknowledge their presence! You will throw them under the bus…which will save me a lot of time and energy. I have no intentions of hurting these people…you did this to them and they did this to themselves!

I just love a good fish, don’t you? Personally, I prefer to simply purchase them …already prepared, at a restaurant. Sometimes, we have to get our hands a little messy and fry them ourselves. I don’t recall ever having to de scale and de bone…..that’s way too disgusting and messy. But, when you are dealing with Manfred Kammerer…you might want to take those measures.

The best way to fry a Kammerer is from scratch!

Lost of people do not believe in sinking to another person’s level…in order to get your point across. Manfred Kammerer will have a FULL understanding of the damage he has caused to me and everyone else that he has destroyed…before this is over. I can talk to a person in my language…all day long…and it doesn’t mean that they will understand a word I say. You have to speak Dickhead, when you are dealing with a Dickhead! Manfred Kammerer keeping his —- in his pants…that’s all I care about!

I just realized that I have to state…in writing…that I have no plans of physically hurting Manfred Kammerer…only because that would require touching him. I will leave the ass kicking he deserves, to someone else. We all know that he would probably pay someone to push a restraining order through…behaving that he fears for his life. Ha! Ha! All the while, when his bullies were posting videos…such as the one where my eyes were crossed out…and bile was coming out of my mouth, which were clearly a threat to my physical being….no one did anything.

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