Classic Collision Atlanta #564

Posted on 23. Dec, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Its funny how adults try to tell us things…when we are young…and we just can’t comprehend how they could be right! Why can’t people explain things to us in a way that we might receive them better.

Maybe its too difficult to do too…because we live in a world that’s changing way too rapidly…and who could possibly keep up?

I have been having some rather extensive dental work lately. I used to laugh and tell people that there should be campaign,  a super model…walking down the runway, away from you…and she turns her head back and smiles at you…yet, she has no teeth. I thought that might be a good ad for young females who are bulimic. Lets face it, that would scare anyone off! I think that it would be a good ad for Methamphetamines also.

Everyone wants to see themselves as being attractive enough to model…but, not so unattractive that they could scare people off. No teeth does a number, every time!

The most interesting ting that I’ve discovered…is that my teeth have decayed more, from being on pain medication, since 2010. Thanks to 3.5+ years of medication, I see having work done on all of my teeth…before its over.

That’s very messed up. I don’t exceed two pills, on any given day…unless it was for surgical/dental reasons…and my mouth is falling apart. Imagine these people that are consuming 12+ different kinds of medications, daily.

That’s where much of my confusion lies. They wont allow people to smoke marijuana….but, they will allow them to turn in to walking pharmacies…which will kill them, ten times faster that anything else!

Maybe people should talk about things more and preach less. Then, would kids listen?

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