Classic Collision Atlanta #571

Posted on 18. Dec, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I went to the restroom and there was a vision in the doorway. That vision was surrounded by light. I tried to get her to move. I took her by the hands. I tried everything. She was slightly stronger than me.

I miss her so much. I wasn’t around very much for her, in the end. She had a personality that could light up a room. Everybody loved her. When God took her, I didn’t wonder why.  She

was very lost. I didn’t dream about her anymore, for a while. Now, I dream of her often.  I wonder, sometimes…if she visits me just to let me know…that one day….at least when I’m in Heaven…that things wont be so bad for me anymore.

She always wanted another baby. When God took her, she was not only engaged…but, she was pregnant with another child. I think that she was one of those females who liked babies because, babies need you. Children and adults are too occupied with life, in itself.

Its strange. There are people that die and it blows me away…because they spread so much love and joy. Then, you have the monsters who survive…and destroy. Maybe their hatred keeps them alive.

Going to Heaven sounds like fun…

Going to Hell…I guess it would be enough to keep a person fighting to stay alive…as long as possible….

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