Classic Collision Atlanta #586

Posted on 04. Dec, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I keep trying to get rid of them but, they wont leave. I guess I’m lucky to have them. What are they going to do? I mean, really???? What are they going to do?

I’m not happy, like I was. At least I had moments where I was grateful and I had some really good times. All I do now is, prepare for the end. Always prepare for the worst, especially in these cases!

None of you know what I’m going through. There’s no point in trying to explain it anymore. Its like me trying to tell you how to do your job and I know nothing about it.

Maybe this is Gods plan. Maybe they do see the truth. Maybe they don’t care. After all, I was told to stand up for what I believe in…and the more I think of it…these are all people who share similar situations. If you were to look at all of us, were quite different…

But, we’ve all experience some sort of rejection. We all started out in this world…wanting to be loved…and, somewhere along the way……

Some dished it right back out to others. End all, end all, the pain we experienced….is what brought us together.

People who are abused…by the people who are supposed to support and protect them…don’t have a chance at survival….

Not when males like Manfred are running the show!

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