Classic Collision Atlanta #597

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I watched the first episode…of the second season…of House of Cards, yesterday. Kevin Spacey’s character, in this, reminds me a lot of Manfred…although, Kevin Spacey is much better at covering his tracks. Kevin Spacey is a politician…so, you can imagine how crooks…in the PUBLIC EYE…need to behave….in order to climb the food chain. He is now Vice president. Everyone sees his behavior. On the other hand…you have politicians…like Manfred Kammerer…who thinks he is the KING of the world…his world…a world that no one knows about….other than him and his employees. So, Kevin is a two faced kiss ass because he has to be… and, Manfred is a two faced tyrant. Both kiss ass before they rape!

Why did I bring this up? At one point in the movie…Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood…has an affair with a young reporter. (Mr. and Mrs. Underwood are allowed to have affairs…as long as they respect one another’s rules. Manfred Kammerer just rapes women and lies to his wife‘s face.) The reporter wakes up to realize that she is wasting her life on a slime bag…who is all too comfortable living the HIGH LIFE…while she lives in a shit hole…and decides to end the affair and begin a relationship with a male who treats her like a queen. The affair ended but, they decided to remain in contact. FU( Frank Underwood) enjoyed leaking dirty information to the young reporter…so that he could step on the proper people….during his climb to the top.

The reporter was investigating the death…of one of FU’s colleagues…and guess who was responsible…

FU met with the reporter at a train station…instructed her to delete all of their communication…on her phone…so that the tip he was about to give her…couldn’t be traced back to him..

Then, guess what he did next!?! He pushed her in front of an oncoming train…

FU throws people in front of trains. MK throws people in front of buses…

When FU was asked if he had ever killed anyone…how do you think he responded…


I’ll never lie to you. I’ll never mistreat you. I’ll never hurt you. Did I remember them correctly, Manfred? So, the death threat…what was that!!!

You see, the young reporter didn’t see what FU was really capable of….

Manfred, I was so -ucked up in the head that I didn’t know what was going on half the time. That is because you are the most manipulative con man that I have ever been exposed to…

I have met bigger crooks but, your resources have kept you out of jail! That causes you to push the envelope…even further…every time. Its all about whether you will get caught …what it will cost you to get out of it ….and the revenge you will seek on those who speak out against you! Heaven forbid that you ever admit that you are responsible for your actions…and that you belong in prison!

Something in me kept telling me that there was something really wrong. I just couldn’t figure it out. As I began to distance myself from you, I began to see what a sadistic piece of — you are. Had you thought with the head on your shoulders and not the head in your pants…you would have seen that I’m not like that young reporter.

When you have me killed….there will be evidence…EVERYWHERE! You will not get away with it and carry it to your grave. It will place you in a grave of your own….

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