Classic Collision Atlanta #603

Posted on 17. Nov, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


A woman came to me, yesterday. She told me that she had run out of gas. I saw no car. I only saw that I was next on her list to con.

If someone needs money, I GET IT. Unfortunately, Id rather that they tell me that they are down on their luck and cant make ends meet. Or, they don’t want to work…and/or its easier and more lucrative to panhandle.

I’m more understanding of people who have issues and need help…or people who are helpless and hopeless…and want/need a hand out…but, they’re honest about it.

I’m having to accept that I may go to jail for telling the truth….while Manfred, and everyone who is scared of him will lie! The truth may suck but, lies will have you looking over your shoulders…for the rest of your life…

Is that why my teeth hurt so bad…it hurts to swallow…head and neck pain that could shut me down for a week, due to jaw clinching….and every bit of anger, rage, sadness and anxiety have disappeared…outwardly! They are all now destroying my inner being. My body is now attacking itself! Society doesn’t understand all of this. Your behavior to others is Psychotic. So, eventually…you behave like a priss pot…all the while, your insides are like the twin towers on 911.

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