Classic Collision Atlanta #614

Posted on 06. Nov, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


People would pay admission, to hear how others talk about you, behind your back. But, when the time comes, they’ll all fall in line. Oh, I get it…just like my old boss…they’ll want to keep their jobs. Your son, who hates your guts…a fact that is known company wide…will support you to the end, as he recently joined the bully brigade. Oh, I get it…he wants to keep his inheritance.

In the end, it all comes down to right and wrong…and telling the truth..they will all lie. Just remember, things that are  buried alive…NEVER die! What you and everyone else have done

to me…will eat at you…until you do right by me!

I know a man that told his wife that he’d have his friends lie on the stand…in their divorce hearing…and have them state that she’d had sex with them…to make her look bad…and to punish her…when she spent all of her time raising her children, taking care of their home, working and going to night school…while he came home to change his clothing and sleep…oops, and I almost forgot…he spent money from both of their accounts on whatever he wanted….even other women. What a charming individual!

Do I think that others will lie to save their —es? Hell yes. Just like a male would lie…and have his friends lie, in court…to lose less in a divorce settlement.

Why is it…that males don’t give a damn about who they hurt…until it costs them financially? Think about it. A man could abuse the Hell out of his wife…the entire time that they are married. When it comes time for the divorce….her landing in the hospital six times…due to his physical abuse…..probably wouldn’t even register….only the fact that he will lose half! Whatever!

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