Classic Collision Atlanta #620

Posted on 31. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It happened again. This time I appeared to have…what seemed like…was a wonderful day. Coffee, a great time helping the workers and visiting. Then, I was told that I was a great help. Then, I stated that I could only work four hours in a day…and not the kind of work that they were doing…consistently. I stated that I had a really bad back. He asked why. I asked him if he really wanted to know. He told me yes. I told him that I was raped. I stated that I had four accidents and worked full time. Yet, this did me in. I try no to tell anyone, anymore. The faces seem like something you’d never seen in your life. You know….like laughing when someone gets hurt. They don’t know how to react. No one should laugh when they see someone else get hurt but, they do. Everyone should look horrified when you tell them horrifying news but, they don’t. They just make this deer in a headlights expression…then, they try to change the subject.

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