Classic Collision Atlanta #622

Posted on 29. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I noticed…the other day…that someone is struggling. A lot of what I witnessed…they are choosing to struggle but, they don’t see it.

There are times when depression can get such a hold on us, that we are totally unable to function. I totally understand. I have been there. I am speaking of pride. It is so very sad! We cant always be Rock Stars. We wont ever have the mindset, energy and appeal that we used to. I see…for males….especially…it can be crippling! It makes me sad, really…especially when they have children.

All children do…is watch their parents. Then, eventually, they become their parents…especially when they despise them.

Most people would love to be an actor/actress, on stage. If you have children, you are! Remember that!

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