Classic Collision Atlanta #635

Posted on 16. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I have noticed a change in my demeanor, in the last few days. It is very interesting. I must say that there has been a major portion of change in my thinking. My verbal is trying to catch up. I feel as if my body may be confused. This has happened before but, it has not lasted. I do feel that God is working his miracle, slowly.

Although…I seem to be fine, now…as long as I don’t have to be around people. Then, I cant quite comprehend how I’m supposed to function.

Do we fight God, so much so…that we don’t know exactly what to think and how to feel…when we simply just obey him?

There are things that cross my mind…things that I will have to deal with…in society. Then, the other day…I was asking someone…how people who don’t know…could just hop in Manfred’s Hate Wagon…with little, to barely any persuasion. I had no idea that one of Hitler’s main men was a chicken farmer. Wow.  As the conversation progressed, it became clear…Hitler used people who were easy targets…and needed someone to make them feel like they were important. Whoa, one minute you are a chicken slaughterer…The next minute you are a human slaughtering machine. I just realized something. The chicken farmer went from slaughtering chickens…and became a chicken, himself! Isn’t that what all of Hitler’s men did when Hitler got caught!…They turned into chickens!….changing their identities and  escaping the country. Not so much fun when the tables are turned, huh! Were these people bad, to begin with…or, did they get wrapped up in the moment? The moment that cost many their lives!!!!

Manfred’s moments….the total damage… is yet to bee seen!!!!

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