Classic Collision Atlanta #638

Posted on 13. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


After speaking to the two of them…I knew that I couldn’t back out. They were two of the most level headed, young women that I have ever met. They were intelligent, kind and understanding….at such a young age. I’m so accustomed to young females behaving differently….when I discuss rape with them. That is because young people think that they’ve seen everything…and boy, do they have NO IDEA! They made me feel comfortable with who I am…..and not like a freak! Red, I will NEVER forget you!

What I do could have a huge impact on their future! I think that females have it tougher now than ever before! Before, we had no rights…but, now that we do…we are treated like something someone would have found in a dumpster, in a bad part of town…when we speak up and expect those rights to be honored and defended!

Why did I meet them? I met them so that I could see why all of this is necessary!

I have to be vague, now. I can’t give anyone any clues! Who cares if Manfred is reading this, anymore. I could write about daisies and petunias…the fact is, I’m still writing…

And with what happened on 3/24/14.…and what that has done to me…he’s screwed! Once again…another thing that wouldn’t have happened to me,…had Manfred Kammerer left me alone!


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