Classic Collision Atlanta #643

Posted on 08. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had an extensive conversation, yesterday…with someone who went to Vietnam…twice. There are things that he still cannot fully discuss. There are things that he thinks he will NEVER get over. It been over 40 years and he still has nightmares. He mentioned that he sees movies that bring everything back…as if it had happened, yesterday.

I want to thank each and every soldier who has gone out and risked their lives,…for me and everyone who lives in this country…especially that war…the Lottery, back in that day, didn’t mean a trip to the Bahamas…that’s for sure!

Our country treats Veterans and abused women like SHIT!

All I can do…is try to get out of the Hell that I’m in…and see if I can make a difference…in as many lives as possible!

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