Classic Collision Atlanta #647

Posted on 04. Oct, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


How in the world was I to explain this? It was people that I had dumped and people who had dumped me. Not everyone but, the core people. Mostly, they were seeking revenge. What does that mean? Not everyone appreciates their own behavior! What role did you play, if any?

In the end, it was best that I lost all of them. God puts everyone in our lives, for a reason. Unfortunately, those that we thought would last forever…sometimes, we have to leave the behind. I cannot particularly say that I am happy about losing these people but, you cant move forward with a noose around your neck.  We have to continue to grow, in everyway possible. Be careful not to plant yourself in depleted soil..

Needless to say, I cannot say that I would have ever envisioned this. There was nowhere to run to…and nowhere seek comfort… That’s a good thing. Just because there’s someone there…it doesn’t mean that they are concerned about what’s best for you…..That’s when you have to look to yourself…the only person you can truly, ever rely on…So, you better make sure you become the one you trust the most!

May we try to peacefully find closure. I still love these people and they still love me. I want to remember the good things..

That is all I can do…

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