Classic Collision Atlanta #675

Posted on 07. Sep, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I figured it out. You simply can’t be nice to some people.

Why is it…that the more I have been through….the more I have a tendency to have a concern for people who behave obnoxiously? It is because I behave in ways that can seem very obnoxious, to others. I don’t behave that way because I have nothing else to do. I behave that way because I have been through living Hell!

The problem is…there are some of us that are trying do something about the way we behave. I could sit back and blame the world for everything that I have been through…

Where will that get me…

I could step all over people, as if I’m entitled to what I want..

Where will that get me…

My responsibility is to honor God and why he has put me here. As awful as this test has been….I will survive….


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