Classic Collision Atlanta #689

Posted on 24. Aug, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I keep trying to remember everything. Its so very difficult. One thing I won’t forget….

You wanna bring out all of the bad stuff I used to do…I’m not scared! You are!

I remember when I was picketing. One of your employees told me that my picketing was ruining your business. I was told by a member of management that he had seen the numbers…and they were the same. Is that how you were able to con people into picketing against me?…by instilling fear into them? Or, did you pad your customers tickets…as it has been mentioned to me!!!!

I have to bring out all of the dirt now. I won’t have anyone to defend me in court

Even your employees…who wanted to stay out of it…got involved….just enough…to protect their own skin. You may want to begin to instill more fear into them now. Do I think that everyone will lie… protect their jobs? Of course they will!

Remember, people…you get what you give! Whatever you do to someone else…God will punish you in ten fold…as soon as within the next hour. I’m not worth it!

Manfred, make your pact with the Devil!

God can’t help you now! You know what you did to me. He knows what you did to me. Only Satan will stand by you in your moment of lies.


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