Classic Collision Atlanta #703

Posted on 10. Aug, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


You are told that you have one thing. Then, you are told that you have something else…that is often confused with the first thing. Then, you watch a program and a light bulb turns on….in your head. You now realize that you had something totally different. Its just that…the doctors you were speaking to…weren’t familiar with what you have…they’re only familiar with what they are used to treating.

When professional chefs are giving you cooking lessons…on how to bake cookies and cakes…and you are supposed to be learning how to make a soufflé…don’t you think that could cause problems!!!! Now, change the cake ingredients to medications that are being prescribed to patients…they bake your brain…much like the ovens bake the cookies.

What do you think that does to patients!!!!!

And the response you will hear is…”Its not a Science!”

Well, I think that doctors should be forced to participate in drug studies…before they prescribe medications, and…

They should be forced to live under the same roof with all of the patients they are misdiagnosing…

Do you think they’d be more selective in their decision making…if these terms wer enforced on them?!?!


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