Classic Collision Atlanta #723

Posted on 21. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


As you’re reading my posts, you will begin to suggest how I should/have behaved…in the past…in the present…in the future..

How many of you have been divorced for longer than you were married?!!

How many of you can sit back and acknowledge that your marriage wasn’t that awful and it just didn’t work out?!?!

How many of you have survived 17 years of Hell…

only to seem like you’re going to get a chance at a normal life..

only to lose 7+ more years to Sexual Harassment, Rape, Mental Abuse, A Death Threat, Bullying and Cyber Bullying..

O.K…exactly how am I supposed to behave?????

If the definition of insanity is..

repeating the same behavior and expecting different results!!!

Who is the one that’s crazy?

Me, for changing things that didn’t work…continuing to do the things that do work for me….

and staying away from monsters…like Manfred Kammerer?!?!


You, for thinking that I should take your advice…

when you haven’t walked a mile in my shoes…you probably have never met me…

and you probably don’t believe me…only because it didn’t happen to you!?!?


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