Classic Collision Atlanta #724

Posted on 20. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


There was a time when I would do what I did yesterday…

And think nothing of it….

The Devil was always content when I did it…

Most of the people I ran off was a necessary EVIL..

But, there were those that I lost..

In a manner that left them feeling disheveled, emotionally..

And maybe I didn’t give them the opportunity to explain themselves..

Therefore, I probably lost a few REALLY valuable people…

When you’re are speaking to someone about themselves…

And you’d like to keep them around..

Nobody wants to risk their situations to help out someone else..

Remember, you get what you give..

Don’t sit around and wonder why no one helped you..

If you aren’t willing to help others…

Last but not least, timing is everything..

If you offer someone a seven course meal..

And the person you would like to speak to, just ate…good luck with that..

Its like offering someone advice..

When the think that DENIAL is a river in Egypt…



You should behave as if you’re speaking to yourself..

The problem is..

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