Classic Collision Atlanta #728

Posted on 16. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


All of a sudden I stopped writing again..

Two hours of treatment everyday did cause me to become more numb..

Unfortunately, I felt like I could have small meltdowns, everyday…

That is because I am masking the symptoms..

The stress becomes worse, when you isolate yourself..

Then…. I felt even more stress, yesterday…after having a very personal, lengthy conversation…with a loved one..

What in the Hell am I supposed to do, live in a bubble?

The slightest things send me over the edge..

I feel like its time for me to rest and heal..

All the nights I did sleep for 10 hours..

They only helped me recover from the past seven years..

I have pushed myself harder than I’ve seen a dozen people exert themselves….

on any given day…

and I’m not supposed to do that..

Its like you are running a marathon that you’ll never win..

But, you are not trying to win..

You’re only trying to run from the Devil…who is chasing you..

He is the one who is trying to win..

The Devil loves to win…and he cant stand losing…

especially to a loser, such as myself..

Well, Manfred, you should have raped someone who was worth losing too!

If you cant stand losing..

quit playing games..

Or, as we’d all prefer..

just play with yourself..



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