Classic Collision Atlanta #732

Posted on 12. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I will be tested for Autism, soon..

There are so many questions I have..

It appears to me that there more stressed out I become..

The more the symptoms become apparent..

So, I know now why so much of my behavior was odd…

Everything I tried only made me worse..

Its like trying to drive in a hurricane, without windshield wipers..

During a hurricane..

People are trying to survive..

Often times, seeking shelter that isn’t hurricane proof…

Often times, being preyed on by others..

Who are all to eager to express their concern for your safety..

Although they are only interested in your taking care of their needs..

Until the storm has passed..

Then, as soon as you’re rested and ready to stand on dry ground..

They toss you back out on the curb..

Hey don’t blame me..

After all…you all will be the ones calling me crazy..

So, who is at fault here..

The one who admits that there was something wrong with them, all along..

Or, the ones who called me crazy..

But, were all too eager take a turn on the amusement park ride!!!!


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