Classic Collision Atlanta #736

Posted on 08. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What does it mean…when you continue to have a dream…that you have had…since you were a teenager???

It’s a good dream. A sweet dream. Nevertheless, you continue to have it….

Is it because..

the dream is about a reality…that almost came too fruition..

but, it didn’t..

And everything about what did happen was positive..

And I can’t seem to remember a lot of positive..

Is that how I landed here????

There are people that prey on other people…

Who have had a lifetime of heartache…

Is it really all that much fun..

to go around bragging..

about scoring with a female you had to rape..

Sooner or later..

One of these females is going to fight back…

and come out on top..

And not a way that you will want to brag to his friends….



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