Classic Collision Atlanta #741

Posted on 03. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Had I consented..

I’d have to chalk this off to another stupid choice in life..

I said, “NO!”

Manfred Kammerer, this is your problem..

Sorry, I don’t think chalk will fix this one!

I’m sure a chalk outline of my body sounds tantalizing, right about now!

You made the decision to force yourself on me..

Call me crazy. Call me trash. Call me a whore. Call me whatever you like..

Next time, keep it in the family!

I’ll never understand how males turn around and call females, such ugly names..

What dos that say about them..

Especially males that are well to do….

The minute they need to -uck something..

They run for the dumpsters…

Then, they turn around and berate the -ell out of them..

Manfred Kammerer, if you are so wonderful..

women should be lined up, all around this city..

just begging to get a glimpse at you..

Instead, you prey on anything and everything you can get your hands on..

Then, when it looks like you’re going to get caught..

You resort to further mental abuse, threats and bullying..

Eating a maggot infested pile of dog crap would have been more enjoyable than having been forced to spend anytime with you..

How does this make you feel???

You’ve spent your entire career stepping all over others..

To get where you are..

Only to have one of the people you nearly destroyed..

Call you out.

I know. I’ll get what’s coming to me, right!

Hey, whatever prevents you from putting your hands on another female..

I can no longer tolerate..

having to imagine

what it would be like..

for another female to have to endure this…



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