Classic Collision Atlanta #742

Posted on 02. Jul, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What do you do.

when saving you life, could cost you your life…

Yet, possibly save others…

all the while..

having to accept the tragedy that you could inflict on those who care for you..

Everyone’s purpose is different..

The mark you leave on the world will not be the same..

Accepting things for what they are can make things easier..

Accepting what’s in a persons heart will help, all the more..

I want my life to mean something, before its over..

I don’t want to leave a stain….

Manfred, isn’t it sad..

You spent a lifetime building a legacy….

You didn’t have to lie, cheat steal, manipulate, bully and rape..

In fact, you probably could have been even more successful,

if you were an honest, decent and respectable human being..

I did a lot of horrible things in my life..

Who would want to be remembered in that way! ?!?!

And all I wanted was to become a better person..

Behaving poorly…because you can…is disgusting..

You will never infringe upon another person’s pursuit, again…..

to be the best that they can be..

I said, “NO!”

You took that as GO!

If I was crazy before, you raped a mental cripple..

If I wasn’t crazy before..

I’m became crazy because you raped me..

Its time for me to get some rest now..

I’ve been running for well over seven years now..

This is your mess. You clean it up!

You should have had me killed…when I told you that I was going to tell your wife/boss!

Ya cheap bastard! What will it cost you to clean up this mess!!!

You could “Get over it“…

and accept responsibility for what you did..

or, you could drag this out for weeks, months, even years..

It will probably be the latter!

Any attention you receive is good, to you!

I’m not going anywhere!

At this very moment…I can officially say that you have ruined my life.

Just think…had you left me alone..

I’d be busy doing, whatever!

Instead, I’m a mentally and physically disabled person..

who has been forced to fight for my life!

You have taken things from me that I will NEVER recoup..

and at the end of the day…your death threat is very real, to me!

I have NOTHING left to lose..

but, I want what is rightfully mine, back!

I don’t know if anything in my life, will ever be normal or feel sane..

There is no way in Hell..

I will suffer, in silence, anymore!

I’ve said it before and Ill say it again,

“I’ve NEVER had a peace of ass worth this mess!”…

I hope you cease every time you look at another woman..

and are tempted to do to them, what you did to me..

Imagine their face, on my body..

As seen, on the news..

Do you think you might be able to keep it in your pants, now!!!!!




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