Classic Collision Atlanta #753

Posted on 21. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Its bad enough that we have to experience some things..

but, then…

we have to go through them again..

Like, in court…for example!

I’m so sick of beating myself up…

for the way I behaved sooo many years ago…

Yes, some of the things I did several years ago..

couldn’t hold a candle to what I did 20 years ago..

But, am I having to witness others’ poor behavior..

to remind me of why I decided to change!!!!

Once again, that’s O.K….

God isn’t giving me a free pass on any of this!

Once again..

I take the heat for everything I consented to..

but, I did not consent to being raped!

What will it be like..

when these people look back, on their death beds..

and have to accept the fact that they were such bastards!!!

Denial is bad enough..

But, what will it be like..

to be up that creek, without a boat, a paddle, the energy swim…

or, the wherewithal to do anything…if you did have them!!!!!





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