Classic Collision Atlanta #755

Posted on 19. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I reflect on Kathryn Schultz’s: Being Wrong..

Which can be found on Ted Talks via Netflix or any Internet search engine..

She stated that a Harvard doctor operated on the wrong side of a patient’s body..

When the story came out in the press…

the person who was speaking on behalf of the doctor and the hospital..

stated that the doctor operated on the side of the body..

that he felt was right!

Why are people so eager to flee from responsibility…

especially when they are dead wrong….

Its not like the doctor bought the wrong brand of ice cream..

on his way home from work!

What if the surgery had involved amputation?

What do you think that did to the patient!!!!!

We will accept responsibility when it comes to looking good..

but, when it comes to admitting when we’re wrong..

how many of us will lie through our teeth….

especially if it is in the media!

Eventually, everything will come out!

Remember that!


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