Classic Collision Atlanta #757

Posted on 17. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I was raped. DeKalB County wasn’t interested in helping me. They were interested in helping Manfred Kammerer.

Everywhere I turned, there seemed to be no hope!

Yet, the moment I chose to take charge of my life…which landed me in jail me in jail..

How many attorneys do you think would like to help me now!!!!

No one was/is interested in helping a rape victim. No one was interested in the fact that DeKalb County assisted Manfred Kammerer in criminal activity….which I have proof of, in writing…

Yet, now….everyone wants to help me because they could get money out of me.

That just goes to show you. If I had money, attorneys would have been interested in me, all day long! So, how long do you think these phone calls will last? How much concern will there be for my welfare…once they find out that I’m on disability and do not have the resources to pay for legal council.

Well, fortunately, for me…every time I tell my story…the person I tell will tell someone else…

Word of mouth…



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