Classic Collision Atlanta #761

Posted on 13. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Yesterday, I had a great day. I went to a meeting and to see my therapist. My dream was to have dinner. We cant always get what we want…. Today, I woke up and felt like I needed to go to the hospital…due to back pain. I was arrested for taking a stand against Manfred Kammerer on 7/23/14. That was on a Wednesday. Thursday was what it was. Friday morning was horrifying. By lunchtime…God asked me how that was working out for me!!!!! He the reminded me of why I did what I did and to keep in mind what I still need to do. I didn’t come this far to wallow in sorrow. Since Friday, just before lunchtime…I have felt like I deserve to breathe oxygen. Isn’t that disgusting!!! But, my back pain is worse that ever.

I think that the stress is manifesting itself solely in my back.

I had two car accidents and two slip and falls before this…I could still work full time. Now, my entire life revolves around my back pain…which was caused by Manfred Kammerer. They say that life isn’t fair. I think that what isn’t fair is when others don’t report this behavior. How many females have been mentally and physically disabled because of rape, abuse and threats to their lives. How many females have been killed or have taken their own lives because, they couldn’t escape what was done to them by their abusers?

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