Classic Collision Atlanta #762

Posted on 12. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why is it..

that people say they aren’t afraid of Manfred..

yet, they won’t answer or return my phones call????

I guess people thought I was exaggerating..

or that I was crazy…

There are people who have participated in illegal activity, with Manfred Kammerer.

Do any of you think that he will accept responsibility for anything…

much less, any of this?!?!

None of this had to happen..

But, if it hadn’t..

he would be doing the something to someone else, as I am typing…

Is your paycheck more important…

or, the female, in your family, who will probably endure what I have…because you were so hateful to me?!?!

Life is a trip…

Just when you think that something like this could NEVER happen to you..

you are nasty to someone like me..

then one day…something equally as tragic or more…

happens to you or one of the most important people in your immediate circle..

And somehow you just don’t get it!!!!

Do you know what its like to have NO ONE help you?

We’re not talking about because they like you or want to help you…

we’re talking about something that is illegal…

Would you associate with people who use or abuse illegal substances???
But, you will look the other way when someone is being sexually harassed!!!!

People who are or have been involved in wrong doings with Manfred Kammerer..

please get it together..

He is going to throw everyone under the bus..

and you will all blame me!

I will be called a whore and asked if I had a gun stuck to my head.

Well, I guess you agreed to your illegal activity…

show me the picture of where Manfred Kammerer had a gun stuck to your head!

I figure most of you won’t like where this is going.

On that note…

I will leave you to your own thoughts…

God forbid that you be considerate of mine!



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