Classic Collision Atlanta #763

Posted on 11. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Do you know how many females are talking trash about me, right now?

The same females who told me that Manfred Kammerer does this to all of his receptionists; the same females who gave me specific instances about Manfred Kammerer; the same females who have witnessed Manfred Kammerer’s behavior firsthand; the same females who did nothing when their bosses sexually harassed them…

Stop gossiping and tell women to report their harassers to the EEOC. Or, do you get off on this?

Some of the same females have told me that they have had to work through certain unacceptable addictions with their partners. The same females who have asked others, behind my back, why did I stay. Why did they stay? Manfred Kammerer began coming to Classic Collision of Chamblee, nearly every day. How the Hell was I supposed to get away from my employer…who doesn’t know what the word NO means. You made a decision to get in your

car and drive home and get into bed with a man who was abusing you. Why didn’t you go stay somewhere else? We could go on and on about this all day long….

Shut your mouths. You are as bad as the males that are doing this to females.

Boys will be boys? Is that your stance on males? When it happens to you, suck it up!

Sexual Harassment is against the law. What part of that don’t you understand? I said No! What part of that don’t you understand?

Go down to Classic Collision of Buckhead and ask for a Manfred Kammerer. Lets see how that works out for you. When he is finished with you…lets see what trash you have to say about me then!!!!! After all, you will have asked for it, right! I SAID NO!

One day, something bad is going to happen to you and I pray that you don’t suffer 1/10 of the damage that I have. That is how I feel about you. I’m sorry that you have nothing better to do…than to talk shit about me. I’m sorry that your life is so empty and that I could be of assistance to you.



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