Classic Collision Atlanta #773

Posted on 01. Jun, 2014 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I went from writing posts daily…to months in advance..

to barely being able to write at all…

I had two really good days…the last two days..

but, my back pain has gotten so bad..

that I can’t see how I will get through the day…

Waking up at 1-2am, again..

There are moments I just want to cry my eyes out..

My mood was better..

but, the pain and the memories seem unbearable..

Its because they are a constant reminder that I can’t move on!

That was written before my bridgework..

I kept it because I cannot go back there!

I have had some really bad moments, since then..

The back pain has nearly doubled at points..

But, people who don’t know how to fight…

just curl up and die..

Someone has to fight back..

Had I done nothing..

I think I may have taken my life..

That’s a serious mind f—…

Especially when I no longer believe in suicide!

That is what monsters like Manfred Kammerer want you to do..

As the police told me back in the day..

“The best witness is a dead one!”

Well, I’m not letting Manfred Kammerer get off that easily!

He shouldn’t have picked on someone his own size..

He shouldn’t have picked on anyone at all!




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